Thank you for your participation in the music video “VICTORY” on Sunday, August 30! We are excited about creating this piece to celebrate what God has done in our lives. What a victory we have in Jesus! Here a few things to know:

  1. Please sign up for a time slot on August 24, 2015. We will be filming at Southpoint Community Church in one of the classrooms. We will have registration tables and our team will be ready to help make this process quick. Please expect to spend 30 minutes to complete your participation.
  2. We are filming Cardboard Testimonies. Perhaps you’ve seen these before, but we’re adding a bit of a twist. Don’t worry, our team will help you write it out on cardboard we provide. All you need to do is spend a few minutes before Sunday thinking about all the ways God has amazed you over the last few years during, through, and in the presence of struggles.
  3. Once our team has helped you write your brief testimony, we’ll have you step into our Photo booth. There, we’ll ask you to start with the sign one way, then turn it around. That’s it! We’ll probably tell you to get a little silly celebrating how awesome God is. So practice those awesome dance moves.
  4. Please bring your spouse, friends, family, children, anyone who is a participant or recipient of this amazing testimony of what God is doing and has done in your life.
  5. That’s all! There are a few requests below concerning wardrobe, but we can’t wait to have you sign up on the side of this page and become an overnight music video cameo sensation! Please feel free to tell your friends and family as well, so they can share their stories too!

Final Notes:

  1. Wardrobe: Feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Please no neon colors though. Or plain white. You’ve got more personality than that! Bring any hats, accessories, feather boas, tiaras, fake moustaches that you like so when you’re silly, you’re really silly. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call (904) 483-7605

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