How do I generate business with videos?

The first time I went fishing, I was in a deep sea charter with my grandpa and my sister. I wasn’t used to the ocean and needless to say, spent more time inside the cabin being sick than enjoying the wild and open seas. Perhaps you’ve had that experience, or maybe you love fishing and are fishing right now. Regardless, I think fishing gives us a great way to understand how you can use video strategy to grow your business. I wanted to share with you 3 quick ways that video can help grow your business:

Referral Generation (Casting the Net)

When you cast a net, you’re not really sure what you’ll get, but you want to be present in that space. You want to the fish to be easily captured. By having great video stories that are easily shareable via social media, email, or your website, you create a natural way for your clients to share your brand. Videos are shared far more often than text and a video that provides education or information is a valuable asset for all. This type of content resides primarily in email marketing campaigns or any other communication you have with your clients present and past. These types of stories are testimonials, success stories, or tips/trends/things to look for in your industry.

Targeted Campaigns (Spear Fishing)

When you have a specific target in mind, no need to play around. You don’t want to capture random fish, or pull up an old boot, or fight with a great white! You want a specific target. If you have a specific goal whether it’s an event, a sale, or a broader target, a targeted video campaign can be a great way to grow your business. These targeted campaigns act like a commercial series- we have a growing story but multiple ways of presenting the information. Videos are watched far more than any other visual medium, so using video to share information and engage your audience often provides a greater ROI than other media forms. This type of content resides primarily in the form of choice, if that’s a social media campaign or email.  These types of videos are created messaging that maybe focuses on your differentiators, successes, processes or other targeted messages.

Brand Awareness (Bait in the Water)

When I think of fishing, I tend to think of this. The bait is in the water. I don’t know if fish will take the bait, but I also can never catch a fish this way without the bait in the water. I want the bait to be available and appealing and if they bite, great! This is a broader form of business generation. You want to create content that can be discovered and engaged with, with easy pathways to conversion. This type of content resides on your websites, social media, and email interactions without being tied to a specific campaign. These types of stories are testimonials, corporate culture, history, or other content that helps a consumer make an informed and emotionally confident decision.


Even if you’ve never fished, I think you can see how having a great video strategy opens you up to a wide range and variety of business generation. We’d be happy to talk to you further about your video content strategy and how we can help you create amazing videos. And the best part about video- it works without you having to be there. So you can be growing your business and generating leads… even while you fish.


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