The 8 Types of Videos Businesses Can Use, Part 2

In Part I of this series, we talked about FAQs and Client Testimonials, two types of videos that can be used by businesses to build their online brand. In Part II, we are going to look at two more video types which you could implement in your business marketing strategy.

Branding Videos

A good number of the videos you produce should be dedicated to getting your brand out to a wider audience. This is accomplished through repeated presentations about various aspects of your product or service. By producing a series of these types of videos, they start to pop up under countless keyword searches. This means more visibility and more traffic to your website. And it also positions you as an authority in your industry, which lends credibility to your brand.

Example: Yellowstone Landscape

Education Videos

Videos are a great tool for educating your prospects and clients. This can be done in a couple different ways. You can create product demonstrations (similar to one of the FAQ strategies we talked about earlier) where you show in detail how your product works, or the benefits of your service. Or you can produce videos that discuss news about your industry, the latest trends, etc. You may even want to interview an influencer in an industry that is an adjunct to yours, which can be used as a cross-promotional tool.

Example: Professional Pavement Products – Signs, Lines & Pavement Designs

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