The 8 Types of Videos Businesses Can Use, Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we talked about four types of videos that can be used by businesses to build their online brand. In Part 3, we are going to look at two more video types which are beneficial for all businesses to consider.

Business Profiles

Everybody wants to know more about the company they are considering doing business with, and the people behind it. To supplement the text on your “About Us” page, why not produce a series of videos? Maybe you could do one about the company, its founding, history and mission, and one for each of the key members of your organization. And with the team member videos, make them fun! Show off the unique personality of your staff. Perhaps film each of them doing something they love while also talking about why they love what they do for the company.

Example: Nimlok Orlando – Who is Nimlok Orlando?

Important Announcements

When something important happens with your company or industry, it is good to inform prospects and customers. For example, you can produce videos to announce a major event coming up. Or maybe you just formed a strategic partnership with another organization, and you want to announce that to your customers – and particularly how it will benefit them. You can (and should) put this in print, but an announcement video will make it even more powerful.

Example: Luke Lewis – JacksonReal

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