Current Client Accessibility Decision

If you’ve arrived here, that means you’ve already reviewed our Web Accessibility Presentation and understand the decision you need to make. If you haven’t read the presentation, please go back and do so now.

As of July 15th, we will be removing the current Accessibility overlay widget from all managed client websites, as well as the corresponding Accessibility Statement referencing the tool.

Before July 30th, we need you to decide whether you would like to participate in our optional ongoing Accessibility monitoring service by filling out the form below. Note that this deadline simply helps us delineate which clients will be initially set up on our monitoring platform. It is not meant to pressure you into a decision. If you need more time to research or discuss with your team or legal counsel, we recommend selecting “no” for now. The service can be added at any time! Just reach out to us when ready.

We have strived to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make a decision regarding the accessibility of your Website. If you do NOT understand the decision you are making below, please reach out to us at 904.349.4570 or [email protected] and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule a time on my calendar to discuss your specific situation.

Accessibility Monitoring Add-On service

  • Monthly Accessibility Report for one (1) monitored domain, sent via email.
    • Shows Accessibility issues by category, as found by our automated AI scanning tools
    • Any issues you deem necessary to fix, just let us know to use your maintenance hour to work on them
  • Discounted rates for:
    • Manual auditing by a visually impaired member of our accessibility team
    • Any additional remediation requested beyond the maintenance hour
  • Regular monitoring, showing a record of categorical improvement made over time.*
  • Updated Accessibility Statement on the Website, with a form to report issues directly to our accessibility team.*

*If you’re ever sent a demand letter, having proof that you’re proactively working on the Accessibility of your website can sometimes reduce settlement fees or make it go away altogether. [Note: only your attorney can provide legal advice regarding a demand letter or lawsuit.]

  • Legal advice, counsel, or representation.
  • Direct or indirect indebtedness, liability, claim, loss, damage, deficiency, obligation or responsibility, whether presently known or unknown, developed or undeveloped, discovered or undiscovered, foreseen or unforeseen, contingent or otherwise relating to any Website or any service provided or not provided by Siskey Productions.
  • Retroactive remediation without charge of any Website previously built.
  • Manual auditing of any Website, without a signed quote outlining the fees for such services.
  • Any remediation or Website updates without explicit request by the client to use their maintenance hour for such services, or without a signed quote outlining the fees for such services.
  • Any services not explicitly outlined in the “what’s included” section above.

Existing Web Maintenance Client Decision Form

This form is for existing web maintenance clients only.

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