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Business Traction Center

John Ward, Founder of Business Traction Center, works with businesses to help them find traction in their business. He teaches leaders tools and processes to help their organizations grow and succeed. As a single proprietor, he didn’t have enough time to do everything — and why would you want to when you could have a partner like Siskey Productions? John partnered with us to create a new website for his business and video content to nurture leads and educate current clients.

We approached the project with two primary goals: to nurture leads and to educate. We worked to identify key topics that would make excellent video content which could be shared across targeted social media and email campaigns. We filmed testimonials of several clients explaining their experience and success with John. We also created a new website to act as a resource center for current clients and online brochure for prospective clients.

With our partnership, John was able to educate current clients, better measure his marketing efforts, and build an effective nurture campaign for leads, allowing him to close more deals and save time.

The Experience + The Impact

The team at Siskey productions takes the stress out of trying to communicate a complex message in a noisy and crowded world. They truly listen to understand your message and target audience and then go to work to create a simple but powerful and effective message that breaks through all the clutter.

- John Ward

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