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LifeThrive uses the application of human data to develop and train leaders and companies. Founder Chuck Coker has spent a significant portion of his life leading research teams to understand how the application of personality, behaviors and mindsets allows individuals, and thus companies, to thrive. He began LifeThrive over 30 years ago and has worked with national and international organizations.

In early 2020, he approached Siskey Productions to help create a variety of visual stories for his company. The ultimate goal was to bring many of his traditionally in person workshops and training sessions to a larger audience through elearning. We also collaborated together and created several marketing pillar pieces for LifeThrive including testimonials, company overview, and investor capability visual statements that lay a foundation for the courses and a larger audience reach.

We’ve proudly partnered together to create several robust courses so far with several mini and micro size courses in between. These courses are available through the LifeThrive website.

The Experience + The Impact

I realized that this was a company that was going to take care of me after that very first session. It was a relaxed atmosphere, I could see the professionalism, I knew that they knew what they were doing. And so it was just a matter of like, "it's okay; just be yourself, communicate clearly, and do the things that Andrew is guiding you to do. And it's all going to be good." And sure enough, it was.

- Chuck Coker

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