About Us

What makes Siskey Productions different?​

We listen to you. You bring your stories and personality to your company, and that makes it completely one of a kind. You are unique from any other client we’ve worked with. We want to understand you, your goals and passions so that whatever we create together is an accurate reflection of your company to your clients and future team members.

We partner together. That means we’re going to advocate for you and your team. We’re going to make sure that the tools we’re building are what you need. We’re going to translate marketing firms on your behalf and stand up to hosting providers trying to bully you. We are a family run business and we desire our clients to feel part of that family. 

We want you to feel confident in the tools at your fingertips and know how to use them. You don’t need to jump through hoops and do rain dances to know how to post a photo or change a word on your website. We aren’t always available in the middle of the night when you have a brilliant idea for a video blog or social post, so we strive to teach you and empower you to do as much as you feel comfortable. (And if you still decide you’d rather let us handle the big stuff, see point #2 above!)

What it's like working with us:

I realized that this was a company that was going to take care of me after that very first session. It was a relaxed atmosphere, I could see the professionalism, I knew that they knew what they were doing. And so it was just a matter of like, "it's okay; just be yourself, communicate clearly, and do the things that Andrew is guiding you to do. And it's all going to be good." And sure enough, it was.

Chuck Coker

Life Thrive Performance Systems

I've been using Rachel and team for about 10 years and I have never actually met her! How is this possible? One word: Trust. Rachel is a trustworthy person. As a business owner there are a large supply of people who you can do business with but finding one you can trust with your most important asset is not easy. Rachel has done web design, graphic work, video editing, and a host of other services for me. She is always pleasant to deal with and a true professional. Her services are fairly priced and I can always count on her to get the job done.

Josh Butts

Cornerstone Insurance

We're just 100% happy with the end result. The product was fantastic. If we can better prepare customers as they come and talk with us, so they can know more about the process and what we're going to be talking about, we found it that it's definitely increased our sales. The companies that are actually in these businesses don't always know how to turn an idea into a usable format or a video that you can put together. And that's why I think that getting together with Andrew and his company has been a great asset for us, because they've walked us through that process step by step, and it's been very beneficial for us. I have no reservation recommending Andrew and his team.

John Prince

Five Smooth Stones Audio Video

I think Andrew and Rachel care about their customers, and and it shows on their work ethic and how hard they work for us. And when we need something, they're there for us. And they're always accommodating for our time frames... The care that they give towards their work really shows.

Adam Merrill

John Merrill Homes

Rachel is an excellent communicator! She understands her clients. Through the initial website design, we learned key insights on how to connect our services worldwide. Rachel continues to share resources and recommendations to support our evolving commitment to purpose.

Dorette Nysewander

D Group Consulting

Working with Rachel has been such a blessing to our church. We recently did a website update after several years of working with Rachel and Andrew. We have been thrilled with the ease of collaborating with Siskey Productions through every step. We have heard from families who selected our church to visit specifically because of the ease of navigating and the cleanliness of our site. Rachel helped us accomplish exactly what we wanted with sharing the Gospel and info about our church with our community. Their ongoing support has made my job immensely easier and we’re so thankful for this partnership.

Bethany Walter

Switzerland Community Church

Core Purpose & Core Values

Our purpose is to create the visual stories and digital tools our clients need to build a strong foundation and a lasting impression.


We believe that God is the CEO and owner of this business, and as such, we are simply stewards of it. Everything we do seeks to honor God’s way of doing business. We also believe that when a client hires us, we are stewards of their budget, and seek to provide the best possible tools and advice for them to be successful.


Our clients trust us to help them understand their core problem, and navigate them through the best solution. Often this means we need to educate clients on the options, so they can make an informed decision. This also means we need to continually educate ourselves on the latest trends, tools and strategies that can help our clients succeed.


As representatives of this business and God’s kingdom, we strive to perform all our duties with excellence. From answering emails, to finalizing sound design on a video, to monthly maintenance, everything we do should be done to our very best ability.


We’re dedicated to our clients’ success. That means accurately quoting and scoping projects, then delivering on our promises on time and in budget. Working hard to not only get the job done, but done with excellence every time, for every client.

About Our Founders

Rachel K. Cardy

Co-Founder + Storyteller

Rachel has always had a passion in the creative arts as a means of telling stories. A proud Gator alum, she combines her knowledge and experience in advertising, video production, and web design to help businesses improve their online presence. She has worked with companies ranging from national organizations to local nonprofits developing video content that's reached millions and building beautiful, functional websites to help numerous businesses grow and thrive.

Andrew Cardy

Co-Founder + Storyteller

Andrew is a natural born storyteller who loves telling all types of stories to all kinds of audiences. He’s had the opportunity to work with Academy, Tony, Grammy, Emmy, and Dove award winners in a number of capacities, both onscreen and off. He’s worked with international brands including the NFL and ABC, as well as local businesses and startups. His short films have played in cities across the USA and abroad.

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