Implementing Video in Your Company Marketing Strategy: Part II – Accessibility and Discovery

Part II: Accessibility and Discovery

In Part I of this series, we discussed the “Propinquity Effect” – the impact of familiarity and frequency within human interaction — and how it relates to the effectiveness of video marketing. In Part II, we want to discuss another important aspect of video marketing: accessibility and discovery.

It is a fact that an increasing number of consumers perform extensive online research before deciding to engage with a business. Why do they do this? Because the ability to perform comprehensive due diligence on a company gives consumers a sense of control. They feel like the more they know about a company, the more informed their decision will be, and the better their chances of a positive experience.

Online businesses fall into three general categories:

1. Little to no web presence.
2. Significant web presence, but much of it is negative.
3. Significant web presence that is overwhelmingly positive.

Which category do you fall in? If you are in one of the first two, it will be nearly impossible to stand out, and consumers will have little reason to do business with you.

How Video Bridges the Information Gap

Video is not only a great way to establish a positive connection with your target audience, it is also the ideal way to inform and educate them about your product/service, and your industry. In addition, when used in conjunction with powerful social media applications such as Facebook Live or Google Hangouts, video can foster the creation of an online community of loyal customers. This makes you a trusted resource, and positions you as a thought leader in your area of specialty.

Over time, if you produce videos consistently, you start to rank in the search engines for numerous keywords that are related to your offering and industry. And when new prospects are searching various keywords in Google and your videos on keep popping up, they are going to see you as an authority, because information about you is accessible and easy to discover. This means that whenever a client thinks about something related to their industry, you and your company will come to the top of their mind.

Are you a Well-Kept Secret?

If your company is looking to grow and prosper online, the last thing you want is to be the best-kept secret in your industry. Engage your clients and prospects by being discoverable and accessible. Social media is becoming increasingly integrated into our culture, and that trend is not going away anytime soon. Use video to build a trusted social community online, and become the “go-to” resource for your target market.

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