What is a Story?

At Siskey Productions, we are focused on helping you tell the stories of your company to your team and to your clients and prospects. One of the comments we hear a lot is “We don’t have any stories to tell.” The truth is you couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone has a story to tell.

One of my favorite parts of our creative process is helping you discover and understand those stories. Every business began somewhere. Every business has passionate people who are uniquely skilled and determined to be successful. Every company has clients who’ve been directly impacted by their work — whether those clients are a homeowner, another company, or perhaps an entire nation.

Your stories don’t have to be hugely dramatic encounters. Think about how you got your latest client. Think about the feedback you’ve heard which, every time you hear it, you know you’re doing something good. Think about those goals you’re working hard towards. Those are the stories of your business. Those are the stories that when someone else hears, they lean in towards you, they understand your business better, they want to work with you and are proud to say that they do.

A story is simply a way to communicate information.


Stories have always been the bedrock of our civilization. Before the internet, before pen and paper, before texts and telegrams, we were telling stories. Some of them were funny, some sad, some to teach a lesson, some to explain a complex situation, and sometimes we told them just because we wanted to find a connection to someone.

We use stories to learn, to explore, to understand, to connect to one another. That’s why it’s imperative for you to understand that you have a story to tell. And what better way to capture that story than through the visual medium of video?

Following the process for good storytelling  can help any and every business find stories that generate growth and success.

We’d love to talk to you about storytelling and show you how by knowing and sharing your stories your company can grow.

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